vendredi 18 avril 2014

Un appel pour Larry Rush

Can you help? Here is the Innocence Project of Larry Rush (aka Leroy Thomas), a jailhouse lawyer on death row in Pennsylvania, fighting for his life and others' on death row:

We are supporting Larry with his appeal to all concerned individuals, organisations (legal and non legal), law firms, law students, attorneys, law professors, criminal legal experts, religious establishments universities of law schools, families and friends and People of Understanding all over the world:

He would like to make it possible for Pennsylvania Capital Case prisoners who represent themselves, to receive direct support from the free world and obtain the legal materials and publications that will help them to stay up-to-date with the influx law.  Larry also needs a Constitutional US lawyer to help declare Pennsylvania's statute or Decisional law unconstitutional. 

If you could help Larry with his Innocence Project, he would be most grateful. Something as simple as promoting his plea, or getting him a law book, a law review or even a Swintec typewritter ribbon at $9.54 could make all the difference.

If yourselves cannot help but know someone who might, please forward this message.  And if you have any question or comment, do not hesitate to keep in touch.

On behalf of Larry Rush, thank you.

Emmanuelle Purdon

Emmanuelle Purdon
Association SAVE
T. (+ 44) 751 535 71 49

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