dimanche 23 septembre 2012

Hampton espère devenir le premier démocrate élu à la Cour Criminelle des appels du Texas depuis 1994


With about six weeks until the November elections, Democrat Keith Hampton is fighting an uphill battle. He's trying to win the first state-wide race for his party since 1994.He's running to be the presiding judge over the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest court in the state for criminal cases. His Republican opponent is a longtime incumbent, Judge Sharon Keller  http://votenosharonkeller.com/
Hampton says his opponent's large ethics commission fine levied in 2010, and a particularly controversial decision in 2007, show change is needed on the court.

"The courthouse doors, so far as I'm concerned would remain open," Hampton said. "You don't shut the courthouse doors to a death sentenced inmate when the lawyers are outside with the paperwork necessary for his case to be heard at the United States Supreme Court, which is what happened in that case."

Hampton says if elected one of his first priorities is to ask state lawmakers to look at taking the partisanship out of the selection of judges.

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