samedi 22 juin 2013

La 500° exécution au Texas: Kimberly Mc Carthy

 Lawyers in Texas are fighting to save the life of a female prisoner scheduled to become the 500th person to be executed by the state since the death penalty was reinstated in America in 1976.
Barring a last-minute stay, Kimberly McCarthy, 52, will face lethal injection next Wednesday for the 1997 murder of her neighbour. Should the execution be carried out, she would be the 500th person put to death by Texas, a state that has shown more enthusiasm in modern times for capital punishment than any other.
The next seven days will be the culmination of an emotional and legal rollercoaster for McCarthy. This is her third appointment with the death chamber in the space of five months.

"She is a very spiritual person. She believes what's meant to be is meant to be, and it's all in God's hands," said Maurie Levin, McCarthy's legal counsel since January.
Now Levin has filed a new motion to stay execution with the Texas court of criminal appeals. The filing argues that McCarthy has suffered from two fundamental flaws that persistently crop up in death penalty cases.
"As it turns out, Kimberly McCarthy is an African American woman scheduled to be the 500th person to be executed in Texas. Her case raises two of the most typical issues in the administration of the death penalty: race discrimination and the quality of counsel," Levin told the Guardian.
Source The Guardian 21 juin
Les avocats de Kimberly mac Carthy dont Maurie Levin (avec qui nous souvent travaillé) se battent pour tenter de sauver Kimberly, une afro américaine qui risque d'être la 500° victime de l'état du Texas depuis 1976.
M. Levin a déclaré en substance:" son cas rassemble les deux traits caractéristiques de l'application de la peine capitale : la discrimination raciale et une mauvaise défense."

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