dimanche 14 septembre 2014

Petition: Execution Lisa Coleman programmée le 17 septembre - Urgent-

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Lisa Ann Coleman of Texas was unjustly sentenced to death June 22 2006 for the 2004 death of a 9 year old boy; Davontae Williams. This little boy was the son of her friend ; Marcela Williams, with whom she partially lived with. at her place. Partially because she shifted from her mother's home and Ms Williams' , it is mistake to say the boy was found in Lisa's home, when in fact this is not true. The Prosecutors found this case to be a capital case and that the death penalty was warranted for. Davontae died a terrible death of starvation and physical abuse, and we are not seeking to minimize this and it is the fact.
But the care giver and mother , was Marcela Williams, she had custody and was the decition maker when it came to her son and his wellfare or lack thereof. The child was in her custody at all times. Yet Lisa Ann Coleman was deemed to be the main person in this crime and received death, while her friend took a plea deal and was sentenced to life. One of the aggravating circumstances in this case, was that the boy was kindnapped, which must be a legal term seen as the boy NEVER left the home.
CPS, failed blatantly in this case , even though they had investigated numerous times over the child's life. BEFORE Coleman was in the picture. One can wonder how on earth that child was left with his mother. And equally, how it ended so badly for Lisa Coleman. It is the mother of the child who had the power to keep him out of school and other activities, it is the mother who have the power to keep him from anyone else. So why is it then that Coleman was charged with kidnapping among the charges.
Lisa is a changed person and a very loving and giving one who invest a lot in herself to be there for not only her fellow inmates, but also familiy members of them and her friends. She does not deserve to be killed by the state.
Please help plea for her life, she is scheduled for execution SEPTEMBER 17 this year. Thank you.

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