jeudi 12 mars 2015

Angel Gonzales, Illinois, innocenté

C'est un message du Projet Innocence, hier A. Gonzales a quitté sa prison  après plus de 20 ans d'emprisonnement. Condamné pour viol et enlèvement (1994) sur la foi d'un mauvais témoignage et d'aveux extorqués par la police, il était  défendu depuis 2012 par le Projet Innocence en Illinois.

Yesterday evening, our client Angel Gonzalez was exonerated and walked out of prison in Illinois as a free man after serving more than two decades. Lake County State's Attorney Mike Nerheim agreed to overturn his conviction after DNA testing proved his innocence.

Angel was wrongly convicted of a 1994 rape and kidnapping of a woman in Waukegan, Illinois largely due to eyewitness misidentification and a false confession given after thirteen hours of interrogation.

In 2012, the Innocence Project accepted his case, and with the help of the Illinois Innocence Project and with the cooperation of the State's Attorney, new testing definitively excluded Angel as either of the two perpetrators that committed the crime.

There are many other twists and turns in this case. Due to the hard work of his extraordinary team from the Innocence Project, led by Senior Staff Attorney Vanessa Potkin, and with great work by the Illinois Innocence Project, Angel was freed last night and reunited with his family.

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