jeudi 7 janvier 2016

Richard Masterson innocent of the crime: Execution date set on January 20th.

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Comment from Mr Masterson's lawyer: Greg Gardner:
"I am one of Richard's lawyers. The decedent's death is tragic but was not a homicide. It was a heart attack. We need to immediately stop his execution; then we can focus on getting him released. Please sign the petition and call the Governor.
Greg Gardner,"

Richard Masterton was wrongly convicted of the 2001 murder of Darin Honeycutt.
Richard met Honeycutt at a Houston, Texas, bar. The two men went back to Honeycutt’s apartment. Richard is accused of strangling Honeycutt in order to rob him. Richard testified they were having sex, and he did not intend Honeycutt’s death.

The medical examiner was a fraud, and the cause of death was a heart attack and not strangulation. Richard also gave a coerced false confession, and also became severely depressed and suicidal while in jail, which contributed to his wrongful conviction.

Because Richard’s lawyers failed him, the court system will not provide relief to him. His last chance to avoid execution on January 20, 2016 is executive clemency.

See Clemency Petition Jan 5, 2015 for the whole story.

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