samedi 29 octobre 2016

Grace and Justice on Death Row ( livre en anglais)

I was on Death Row in Texas for 12 and a half years. - Grace and Justice on Death Row tells the story of such courage and of redemption for Alfred Dewayne Brown, who, like me, is an innocent man.”

Anthony Graves, 12th Exoneree from Texas’ Death Row and 138th Exoneree Nationally

What is worse than having a client on Death Row in Texas? Having a client on Death Row in Texas who is innocent and not knowing if you will be able to stop his execution in time. Grace and Justice on Death Row: A Race Against Time to Free an Innocent Man tells the story of Alfred Dewayne Brown, a man who spent over twelve years in prison (ten of them on Texas' infamous Death Row) for a high-profile crime he did not commit, and his lawyer, Brian Stolarz, who dedicated his career and life to secure his freedom. The book chronicles Brown's extraordinary journey to freedom against very long odds, overcoming unscrupulous prosecutors, corrupt police, inadequate defense counsel, and a broken criminal justice system. The book examines how a lawyer-client relationship turned into one of brotherhood. Grace And Justice On Death Row also addresses many issues facing the criminal justice.

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