Odell Barnes Jr.

L'association Lutte Pour la Justice (LPJ) a été créée en 1999 pour soutenir Odell Barnes Jr., jeune afro-américain condamné à mort en 1991 à Huntsville (Texas) pour un crime qu'il n'avait pas commis et exécuté le 1er mars 2000 à l'aube de ses 32 ans. En sa mémoire et à sa demande, l'association se consacre à la lutte pour l'abolition de la peine de mort aux Etats-Unis et en particulier au Texas. (voir article "Livre "La machine à tuer" de Colette Berthès en libre accès" )

jeudi 24 octobre 2019

London vigil for Rodney Reed - Texas



Who is Rodney Reed?

Rodney Reed is a black Death Row inmate scheduled to be executed by the state of Texas on Wednesday 20 November 2019 for the April 1996 murder of 20 year old Stacey Stites. The state of Texas alleges that Reed strangled and killed Stites during an aggravated sexual assault. Rodney Reed is innocent of this crime.
The Youtube video below is about Rodney Reed's case.

Event details

We're organizing a vigil to show solidarity with Rodney Reed and his family a week before his scheduled execution on Wednesday 20 November 2019. Bring candles and we will be adding flyers and placards which can be held and materials which can be sent to the Texas governor's office.
Please feel free to watch the video because we will be recording short video interviews where you can give your opinions on this case and state violence against the black community.
Wednesday 13 November 2019 - 6pm-9pm.
Outside the US Embassy and Consulate, London.
Please head for the assembly point at the TfL bus stop for the US Consulate, south side, Nine Elms Lane, served by 156, 344 and 436 buses.

We need volunteers and activists to help with this event.

We are also seeking volunteers and activists who can help out with this event. Please sign up to our community and complete a volunteering form using the links below.

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